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Why Choose Us?: Why Choose Us?
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Cypress Base embodies the core principle of continuous advancement to be exceptional.

From our world class tools, caliber experts, and exceptional service, we aim to be the best and last Cybersecurity organization you'll ever want to work with.

We are proudly, a minority owned and operated business.

A word from Allen - Founder and CIO

picture of allen, CISO of cypress base

"The world of outsourced IT is saturated due to low barriers to entry, lack of quality standards, and high profit margins. Tiered IT support keep costs low for IT companies but shift the cost to clients by requiring multiple contacts to solve simple issues which increase client labor costs and delays.

The lack of technical knowledge also leaves many businesses unable to evaluate the technical skill and depth of managed service providers (MSPs) before contracting them, leaving these businesses prey to long term contracts with no provisions for remediation or termination should the MSP failed to deliver, remain ineffective, or in the worst case, ignore the needs of clients entirely.

Here at Cypress Base, we defy these industry practices. Our organization is designed with efficiency in mind. We measure our effectiveness based on time to resolution rather than ticket count and we encourage client engagement through phone calls rather than ineffective email ticketing. Unlike our competitors, we offer high skilled support without multiyear contract terms. Outsourced IT can, and should feel like in-house IT, and we at Cypress Base set the bar high."

Our Philosophy

These are our core values that guide our culture and workmanship



When you need us, we're there. Unlike IT groups that take weeks to get your mission critical infrastructure back online, you can expect us to solve your issues in a fraction of the time, and often on the same day.



After years of business practice, we've found no substitute for this. Trust comes with transparency and it has always been the most important value in any partnership. We'll take the time to let you know what we're doing and why.



The cybersecurity world is constantly changing and the demand to constantly learn about new dangers is a prerequisite for us. Our intelligent design demands we select the best tools for the job so you have the best cybersecurity posture.



Before we act, we communicate. Your risk is our risk and at it should be handled with meticulous effort to minimize impact and maximize outcomes.


We are broadly experienced and adaptive to your systems and organization. We can integrate with an existing IT team or be your sole IT resource.



IT Organizations often disappear after their first visit. We reach out to our clients as we refine our tools and processes to offer improvements, and often, with no additional cost to you.

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